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Walking Our Talk
Summer Facilitator Training

Congratulations to
our 2020 and 2021 Facilitators-In-Training!


Begin your journey to becoming a confident and empowered Walking Our Talk facilitator and bring a WOT circle to your community this fall!

The Experience

  • Genuine connection with other women

  • Unqualified support for living your purpose and dreams

  • Inclusivity that expands your perspective and heart

  • Coming home to trust in yourself and other women

  • Learn how skillfully held structure supports a sense of safety and vulnerability

  • Dive deep into the Agreements that hold the context for every WOT circle

  • Discover the mystery and magic of authentic, vulnerable sharing and full presence when listening

  • Learn how our feminine principles of non-hierarchical connection repair systemic mistrust of other women and build a new culture of trust, support, and real sisterhood.

What's the Cost

  • $495 

The Schedule

  • Beginning the week of June 6 through July 15th - day of the week is determined by participants' schedules

  • Seven 3-hour weekly sessions on Zoom (or in person with social distancing precautions) 

What's Included

  • The Walking Our Talk Facilitator Manual

  • Training led by Mary Campbell, WOT co-founder and President of the Board of Directors 

  • Weekly Focused Trainings led by Experienced Guest Facilitators 

  • Six weekly Buddy Meetings

**Optional add on: one-on-one consulting with a master facilitator to support you in launching your own circle


The mission of Walking Our Talk is to nourish individual accomplishment and build community through a culture of trust, connection, and support. Yet, in order to forward this mission we need leaders, women willing to go beyond their own fears to lead themselves by stepping into facilitation. We need women determined to examine the patterns that have blocked their own expression and full-out living, women who have been so grown by the Walking Our Talk circle movement that they want to bring this transformational experience to others. This commitment to women’s empowerment is why WOT offers these facilitator trainings. 


Over the last 15 years we have crafted a structure and context that most effectively works in supporting women’s personal evolution as well as the completion of their projects. Moving through the segments of each week’s circle, women learn to cultivate loving presence, go deeper into their own process, and share and hold space respectfully. During this summer training we will explore how we invite that development as a leader/facilitator.

By sharing our authentic selves with others in a structure that ensures a loving and safe place, we are not only building our own confidence and personal power, we are also sharing our gifts with the world and inspiring others to take the leap for themselves.

This WOT Training will gather up to 8 women of various ages, economic and social backgrounds. Just as when you sit in a WOT circle, this Facilitator Training will be a place where trust, compassion, and creativity lead, and where you will begin to feel the power and potential of a space of belonging and care that is unique in our modern virtual culture. Feeling an almost immediate sense of safety founded in the WOT carefully crafted set of agreements, you naturally open more vulnerably to others and build bonds that support your thriving. Differences will melt and the truth of our undeniable connection will reign.


Founder, Mary Campbell will host this summer's training with guest WOT facilitators bringing their experience for various parts of each week's schedule.


At the conclusion of the training you will articulate a vision for yourself for the autumn circle season as you join with your fellow facilitators-in-training in the circle (FITs) to support you as you bring your intention into reality. 

For more information and to sign up for this Walking Our Talk FIT Training, please contact Mary at as soon as possible.