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WOT’s First Fiscal Year as a Full-Fledged Non-Profit

Fiscal Year 2021 (July 2020 thru June 2021) was Walking Our Talk’s first year with a complete Board of Directors and staff.


In order to progress as far as we have in so little time, our few part-time Staff Members DONATED 182 hours and continue to work at reduced rates. In addition, the Board of Directors’ 400+ volunteer hours helped to navigate the challenges of such an unprecedented year.

[Click Here to Meet Our Team!]

Circle registration fees covered only 60% of the costs to offer WOT Circles.  Our generous sisterhood and their families and friends stepped up, individually contributing almost $3,000 to fill the gap, and special events raised almost $4,000 more. Your generosity meant that 28 women received scholarships, and WOT was able to offer circles year-round during the pandemic.

In this unusual time, when isolation and depression are endemic in our community and nation, your donations make it possible for us to welcome every woman who wishes to receive the support and connection offered by WOT Circles. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported Walking Our Talk!

We are proud to share with you our financials for FY2021!

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