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Walking Our Talk
Fiscal Year 2022-23

While we are still in the toddler years as a small non-profit, we are excited about all that has been accomplished in these first few formative years, just like a proud parent! 


Walking Our Talk has matured in a multitude of ways during this short time, with only a small volunteer working Board, a 4-person part-time staff and budget of $35,000. With these limited resources, Walking Our Talk provides three rounds of circles per year, offering the opportunity for 144 women to receive the support, authentic connection and accountability for which Walking Our Talk Circles are known. In 2022, WOT added a Resilient Women’s Speaker Series to its programming on topics such as personal finance, self-compassion, and finding the pleasure in life, all of which educated and empowered the women and men who attended. 


One of Walking Our Talk’s principles is that financial limitations will never prohibit a woman from participating in any of WOT’s programming, training, or fundraisers. We offer financial assistance for every event. During FY2023, WOT has provided 34 scholarships to women in Circle, approximately ⅓ of total Circle fees.


WOT’s working Board of 4-5 women are responsible for raising the remaining funds that make the Circles, Speaker Series and Scholarships possible. Their criteria is that all FUNdraisers must be FUN and profitable. Big thanks to the many WOT women who have generously donated their time, energy, homes, services, and possessions as volunteers at the FUNdraisers!

We are proud to share with you our financials for the first half of FY2023!

Revenue for July - December 2022.png
Expenses for July - December 2022.png
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