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Walking Our Talk
Fiscal Year 2023-24

Walking Our Talk is a small but impactful and growing organization! WOT supports and empowers the members of its community through using its 35-40k budget, 56 monthly staff hours, and 6-member working board. 

With these resources, Walking Our Talk provides three rounds of circles per year, offering the opportunity for 168 women to receive the support, authentic connection and accountability for which Walking Our Talk Circles are known. The Resilient Women Speaker Series, in its second year of programming, provided 93 participants the opportunity to delve into a deeper version of resilience called Rootsilience with WOT member Samantha Anderson and her co-author Rimi Chakraborty. 

As part of Walking Our Talk’s mission, financial limitations do not prohibit a woman from participating in any of WOT’s programming, facilitator training, or fundraisers. We offer financial assistance for every event. This fiscal year, WOT provided $2,660 in scholarships to women in Circles, approximately 16% of total Circle fees. This is the first year that Walking Our Talk has had support in providing scholarships to participants through a generous $1,500 grant from Lee Bank Foundation. 

This fiscal year has also seen growing organizational support for the Resilient Women Speaker Series. Berkshire Bank Foundation and EvoQue Investments generously donated over $2,000 towards the Speaker Series

WOT’s working Board of 5-6 women, supported by countless volunteers, are responsible for raising the remaining funds that make the Circles, Speaker Series and Scholarships possible. Their criteria is that all FUNdraisers must be FUN and profitable. Big thanks to the many WOT women who have generously donated their time, energy, homes, services, and possessions as volunteers at the FUNdraisers and Speaker Series!

If you wish to see more details about WOT’s finances, click this link to the 990 Tax Form for 2022.

We are proud to share with you our financials for the first half of FY2024!

Revenue Jul-Dec 2023.png
Expenses Jul-Dec 2023.png
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