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About Our Circles

Walking Our Talk Circles are designed to create a safe space for women to flourish as they experience positive support from the WOT community. Circles are 6 or 8 weeks, depending on the season. The size of Circle is kept intimate at 10-14 women. Circles meet weekly for two hours and are led by two facilitators. WOT currently offers circles in person in Berkshire County, MA and online via Zoom. We also offer an Intro Circle before each session, where you can meet new and existing members of the community and gain a better understanding of the format of Circle. Find an upcoming Intro Circle or 6-8 Weekly Circle here.

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Circles are a carefully structured forum that allow each of us to tune into our inner voice, values, and self-expression, and to bring our gifts forward into our community and the world. In each circle, we hold space for the women around us to reflect and share their experiences and spend time in group discussion and contemplation. Each woman selects a project to work on over the course of the Circle. Projects may be as simple as finishing a book or as broad as changing your career…or yourself! They may be very tangible, like launching a website or learning a hobby, or more oriented toward being, such as how you show up in the world or bringing more joy into your life. A project is often something that you know is important but haven’t yet made the time to accomplish. With the support and accountability of Circle, it’s amazing what you can achieve!

We find that when women come together in this way we are more able to shift away from limiting paradigms, social habits, and personal wounds. We create in their place a powerful community where magical things can happen – new friendships; new networks of information and collaboration; successful engagement with projects; newfound self-confidence and self-acceptance; a sense of safety in community; and transcendence of judgments and assumptions of others. By moving past old divides, competition, and insecurity, we heal social and family wounds and honor intergenerational wisdom and connection, and in so doing, we create a community that supports us all to thrive. 

We are blessed to be creating this radiant culture of care, connection and love together. Thank you for all the ways you will evoke each other’s beauty and gifts into the world! If you are ready to jump in, find an upcoming offering here

As an inclusive organization, we welcome all women into WOT Circles. If you are interested in participating in Circle and don’t have the funds to do so, please reach out to

Upcoming Circles

No upcoming events at the moment

The Ditte Ruderman Legacy Scholarship Fund

Ditte Ruderman was the bravest woman we at Walking Our Talk have ever collectively come to know. While she is no longer here to sit in circle with us, there is little doubt that her presence will forever be a part of all that we do.

The Ditte Ruderman Legacy Scholarship Fund, better known as the Ditte Fund, recognizes her longtime commitment to women and connection. This fund provides an opportunity for the wider community to support those who might not otherwise be able to afford to sit in circle.

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