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About Our Circles

Walking Our Talk goes beyond just making things happen in your life…
It’s about being the One creating the life you want... on every level. 

Whether it’s a new or old project, an area in your life you’ve been resisting, or something you want to move forward with speed…this intensive will provide structure, accountability, and INSPIRATION to up-level your engagement with your projects and your life. We’ve discovered that it’s in community with other women that we find our authentic power and freedom to create. In coming together we exponentially liberate our potential.

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With help from our skilled facilitators we’ll choose projects, set intentions, track weekly progress, use the power of group synergy…all with our eye out for the surprising and unexpected results that come when we grow our life.  Join us! 
You are invited to come into circle with us. There are now more than 300 local Berkshire women who have or are currently gathering in these intentional circles.

We call these Walking Our Talk Creation Circles. 

We create within these circles our own self-directed projects and intentions, a spiritual practice of building community and interdependence among one another as community members, and an extraordinary inner confidence,
self-acceptance and self-love that comes from practicing authentic, vulnerable connection with other women.

Twice a year circles are facilitated by trained leaders, launching new Walking Our Talk circles of approximately 12-16 women.  We gather to make real change in our lives…. moving toward the call we’ve heard for years or the tug that’s just begun to entice us into the kind of life we know we’re meant to live.

We you invite to come to a Intro evening to hear and feel what Circle is about, to see if you want to join the new Circle that will be forming, and to find out why all these Circle Sisters are such a joyful part of the Berkshire landscape. 

You’ll notice that sometimes women bring very purposeful desires to these Creation Circles…finishing a book, creating an organization or business, launching a web site, or taking a major step in career. 

For other women the intention is more amorphous. They know a change needs to happen, that there’s something that wants to be born in them or some shift that needs to happen to be fully alive.  We women can feel when something needs to be birthed. Some breath of a newness begins to grow… a little excitement that flits in and out of our days. 

Usually there’s a gestation period once an idea’s been conceived. The vision needs time to mature. It’s quiet for days or even weeks, and then there’s that flutter in the belly again...and it becomes more insistent.  We start to feel the discomfort of clothes that don’t fit anymore. What’s coming is expanding our current container and the old just won’t do. There’s discontent. Frustration. Annoyance. We get grumpy.

These are REALLY GOOD SIGNALS that it’s time… time to let this next creation come to life.

So when the time is right, we dive in. We make the commitment to our selves. We invest in this potential, this joy, this future.

It can be a little threatening to leave behind what’s known, just as it is in birth...but the transformation that wants to happen when we trust our bodies and our intuition — when we relax into the caring presence of guiding midwives, when we go beyond our fear into the immense possibility of whatwants to come — that birthing is monumental. It’s what makes life an adventure worth living!

This is the purpose of the Walking Our Talk Creation Circles.  

We hope you’ll join us. ​

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